The word "keikyo" is a Chinese character which means "the shining faith." These characters were used to refer to the early church in Japan. The website exists with the hope that the long Christian history in Japan will come together and in some small way bring unity to the church.

Documentation, the newest addition to is where we will add documents and books relating to the early Church of Japan. Our list of Christian links in Japan just keeps growing! Now there are over 75 in all. Please visit and send us any links you may know of too. If you have suggesions or problems regarding this website, please don't hesitate to email us.

Explore Syrian Nestorianism in Japan

NEW! "The Cross and the Lotus"(pdf)
Chapters 1 & 2 Only

Christians Recall Japan's 'Holocaust'
Prayer effort commemorates 400th anniversary
of persecution of Japanese Christians

Christianity Arrived in Japan Centuries
Before Saint Xavier, Scholars Say

The oldest Christian site in Asia has been discovered dating back to 638 AD.
The site which is near the ancient Chinese capital of Sian has shattered previous understanding of the role of Christianity in China, Japan and Asia.
Details Here

From the People's Daily News:
Christian Designs Found in Tomb Stones of Eastern Han Dynasty


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