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Taking a grand sweep through Japanese history, the Genkan Gallery's special "The Eastern Cross Museum" has gathered for the first time artifacts from The Eastern Cross Museums and sites and private collections from throughout Japan.

Included are Fumie, or pictures of Christ embedded in wood, which Kirishitan were forced to step on on pain of death during the Japanese Holocaust; a Keikyo Cross believed to be from the Keikyo people, bearers of The Eastern Cross as early as the 5th century; and a cross that hung around the neck of one of the Kirishitan.

There is also a hidden altar built into the wall to resemble a Buddhist altar; a Maria Kannon, Mary and Jesus designed to look like the Buddhist goddess of mercy; and various items with secret embedded crosses, all designed to enable the faithful to endure the difficult times.

These are just a few fo the artifacts that were displayed for the first time, together in conjuction with the once-in-a-lifetime evening program "The Eastern Cross," including the first recitation of the "Orashio"... To learn more, read the feature published in the Tokyo American Club Magazine titled "The Eastern Cross."

Interested in visiting some museums or sites first hand? Then check out our listing of places to visit completed with addresses, telephone numbers, and even some snapshots and a description of the sites themselves!

The Virtual Museum is now online, displaying over 40 Kirishitan and Kakure Kirishitan artifacts!

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